Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Blankie Bliss

Dear Lindsay,
Thought you should know that my relationship with your blanket is getting serious. It was not my intention. I didn't even find it until you had been gone for awhile. There it was, tucked in the bench seat, patiently waiting to be found. It has become my soft place to fall. I just discovered this graft. Everyday, something new. I could box it up and send it back to you. That just sounds like a bad idea. I want it.


mimi said...

oh....she got a serious graft. almost didn't recognize her.

let's make blankets sometime. i don't think ella is gonna bail us out.
i don't think lin is gonna let you keep that one either.

mimi said...

p.s.....wish i would have known that was there when i was at your house last week.

cathmom said...

For the future, it hides underneath things in the black bench seat in the family room.

lovely lindsay said...

DO NOT package it up + send it back. i don't trust the USPS.
it's best tucked under your chin a a little bit.
it's warm when you're cold and cool when you're hot.
it's everything good. a hug from your grammy, a snuggle with my boys, a hold you tight on a long night. whatever you need it to be. and i can share. for a minute.
i love you, linny