Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sunshine on Saturday

"How delightfully rich is one's mind
when doused in hope
and left overnight to seed."

Is there anything sweeter than receiving an unexpected package?
Thank you, Kim!

red stained glass surrounded by crystal, beautiful
every time I look towards the west i'll be filled ~
tatting, by her own hands, a treasure
another nearly lost womanly art like traditional midwifery
that she is keeping alive,
her words, her blessing

Talk about perfect timing. . .
It's been a hard week.
Long flights, little sleep, reality of all that I've signed up for in the next few months,
shifting back to midwife mode, reminder that MCU conference is soon, missing what was, opening to what will be, so much sorting, making things fit,
wondering why in the world anyway
I could be watching soaps by day and hot tubbing by night.
What matters?

She said:
This can be the "rope" you asked for in your blog.

Thanks again.
This wave will pass and now I know I can ride.


Kim said...

You received it! Wonderful. I'm so delighted that it touched your heart, a balm.

I wish I were coming to MCU Conference but my schedule is nuts!!! Babies, babies, babies!!! I love it.

Be Blessed my friend.

auntgigi said...

I like your treasures. Tatting! I forgot that word/skill.

Steen said...

i want one of those cute treasures to put on my coffee table!