Monday, January 24, 2011


I don't believe that dreams lose grandeur as they come true.
Just the opposite.
As we open ourselves up to the dreams that have been there waiting all along,
well, I have to wonder if this heart vessel of mine can really hold it all.
Dreams are more than wishes I've decided.
I wish for an Airedale puppy.
I dream about my heart and hands connecting and touching, of being where I should be, of feeding and being fed. I dream about getting it right, of making things right, of being whole enough to receive and then carry light. I dream of making a difference in one life, in a few lives.
Give me an opportunity to give back as much as I have received and my dreams will come true.

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Watermelon Gypsy said...

Love this song. I play it at least once a week. Dreams are magnificent things to have.

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