Monday, March 14, 2011

africa 2011 - update

bravehello friends! this is lindsay.  friday afternoon this snapshot showed up on my phone. evidence that cath + nat were boarding a JFK flight. africa or bust! we weren’t expecting to hear much else from them.
my dad got a call yesterday afternoon that they were in the city + safe.
a voicemail popped up on my cell a bit later. all is well! her voice a bit shaky – but sounding brave.
she snuck a call a bit later – they’d already attended their first birth there. a boy! her call was quick and i can already hear a change in her. they will come home – different. she was anxious that they would be heading out to a more secluded area today. i am thinking of them. will you, too?

love, lindsay


jade said...

ooh i'm so excited to hear their adventures. thanks for posting this, i've been waiting to hear SOMETHING!

Kim said...

Thanks for keeping us updated. I am praying, knowing they will make a difference in the lives they touch.
Be Blessed

diane said...

Lindsay, thank you thank you. I have been thinking of your mama and your sister like crazy.
A boy? Perfect.

auntgigi said...

I've been checking her blog about 3 times a day, waiting for a post. YAY!!!! Beautiful. I'm so happy Cath is on this trek, and that she's able to share the experience with Natalie. I'm breathing deeper, now that I have some connecting information.

Sycamore Girl said...

Thank you.

I cannot imagine anything but a Changed Cath and Nat.

Amy S said...

Glad they made it safely. Looking forward to hearing more about the trip.