Friday, March 18, 2011

full moon, full heart

I knew this moment would come. Last night in Africa . . .for now.
I'm leaving some love here, taking some home.
Thanks for all of your good wishes, blessings of peace and prayers for our safety. I felt it all.
The moon, beautiful moon over the ocean here in Dakar, lighting my way home.
A bientot.


Clarson715 said...
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Clarson715 said...

There's my African woman. So happy to see your bright face. Be safe. C

jade said...

Cute mom! Can't wait to see you guys, I've been counting down the days! MUch love

auntgigi said...

Every day, every day, I've thought of your day. I've wondered what you're seeing. What you're learning. What is imprinting on your soul. Home. Home.

lovely lindsay said...

i'm picturing you on my couch telling me all of the stories. phone wires just aren't going to work.

love, lin

reading a little love note from my dad to you... magic.

Evan and Holly said...

I have also been wondering about what you've been doing and how things have gone. I never had any fear for you. I always knew you would fit in perfectly with those women. Also, I've been curious about how the toilet situation worked out. Can't wait to hear it all. But sleep might be better for you first :) those long flights are a doozy.

Valeri Crockett said...

Oh how neat is that Cathy...will you come sit on my couch and tell me the stories too?! I bet it was so incredible:)