Wednesday, November 2, 2011

day of the dead

It didn't work out quite like I had planned.  It was better. It rained super heavily most of the day so the water park plan was out.  In Tulum town I asked around, got directions for a church and cemetary but it was too early.  Some of the bars had stuff going on but not what I was looking for. So we went home. There was a perfect little arched shelf with a Mexican statue just outside the front door.  I made an altar from things I had collected in town. A new rebozo, some chocolate, pastries, my necklace, Frida shirt and a candle. From my limited music choices I chose El Condor Pasa.  It was quite a beautiful time of celebrating the life of Briana and wishing her to Be Free.
I read something that I have taken in to my heart yesterday.
"In Judaism there are 3 stages of grief to be endured.  First there is weeping, for we all must weep for what we have lost.  Second comes silence, for in the silence we understand solace, beauty, and comfort from something greater than ourselves.  Third comes singing, for in singing we pour our hearts and regain our voice."

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Rachel Swan said...

Singing - I need to try that. I can't tell you how much I love your Frida shirt, you better believe I'm googling it right now. I'm going to need one with a lot of stretch for this belly of mine.

I love your daily updates, and I'm already stashing money away for a someday Mexico adventure!