Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lookin out my back door

Nuestras Casa Nah Yaxche

I love Apple genius.  I realized that the iPhone charger that I brought was the take apart kind. Then I thought, hmmm, wonder if it will hook up to this little Acer computer.  I am no genius.  This thought process took 3 days.  Ta Da.  We have pictures.  More to follow. Gotta run into town.  Today we will have guests AND they are staying overnight.  Just discovered we have a whole separate casita with a bedroom available for visitors.  Hurry! Come over. I bought some great Mexican tea, found a little panaderia with bizcochitos.  True.  . . .and I have the best story ever to share!

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Jade said...

ooh I love this. I love that you are seeing pretty things like this. Lucky lucky! Missin you guys. Can't wait to hear your adventures.