Tuesday, November 1, 2011

points for me

First, a shout out for Banana Flan! I had no idea. . .
OK.  I had a real conversation with Obdulio. He does not even try an English word so I had to work it. It was about comida por quatro persones manana, chile rellenos con queso, empanadas pollo (dos, por favor), tamales carne y mole. Then we came to the quantos dinero por Flor part.  First she has to go shopping so we have to front her some dinero.  It took a minute and some paper and pen but we got it, 500 pesos, not 50. I even knew how to tell him what time to come over.
We are having guests!  It's a long story but a good one. A new client and her husband, just met them and found out they were coming to Cancun. I extended a dinner invite and just received an email that they will come tomorrow. It's kind of cool without cell.  If they can find their way thru the mangroves to this casita it will be exciting.
I found some ocean, turtle grass free in Tulum late last night. I'm going back asap.
About bathing suits - I haven't found them necessary when the mermaid impulse hits. However for a beach vacation they are a wardrobe staple. Along with the Nikon and the Flip, I forgot my bathing suit - not even a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.  I thought of cutting off some pants but really didn't want to take a kitchen knife to linen or hemp. Sooo, that left me with swim wear from the Mex grocery store.  I now own a hideous maroon tank with flowers on it.  My "board shorts" are worse. Navy blue stretch cotton with a hot pink waistband. Oh, and some man flip flops, navy blue. Nice!  I am grateful that I forgot the camera.
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Kim said...

I love the image I have of you in my head, wearing your Mexican swimwear!! You've made me giggle -- out loud!! I love you Cathy. You are spectacular!
Release the Mermaid, My Friend!!

auntgigi said...

Oh my friend. I have laughter tears at your beach garb. Did you really buy something with a hot pink waistband?? Tears have officially dropped!!!!

Impressed with your Spanish communication.