Tuesday, August 25, 2009

drivers, chippers, putters

PING! That's me, teeing off. I played golf. I know. Hard to picture it. So NOT my thing. Here's how it happened. A few weeks ago I went to the driving range with Chuck; a nice wife thing to do. Just watching is boring so I rented a driver for myself. It was thrashed, the handle grip all chewed up. Chuck shared his bucket with me and I swung away. I noticed that he stopped to watch me. With a curious smile he said, "You're really good." I looked up and said, "Yeah? Well I guess you didn't know me back in my day. I'm a grand slammer." He seemed a little wistful when he said, "No, I didn't know you then."

So when I had to cancel a promised camping trip for the second summer in a row, I had this bright idea: Agree to play golf with him. He was thrilled. I was a little nervous getting ready. I don't exactly own a golf suit. And what kind of earrings are golf appropriate I asked.

When checking in, I noticed a jar of metallic golf balls. "And throw this in," I said as I grabbed a pink one. We were off. I'm seriously good. I even got a little rush when I teed off and heard that ping noise and the ball sailed. Chuck said things like, "awesome" and "wow, that really got air." At the last hole he said I should probably use the pink ball (I'd been saving it!). I stood waiting at the tee for some old, slow guys that were ahead of us on the putting green. Here's how the highlight went.

Chuck: Go ahead.
Me: No. I don't want to hit one of those old dudes in the head.
Chuck: It will be OK. We're far away.
Me: No. It might be my lucky shot.
Chuck: I want to see your lucky shot. Come on.
So I swung away. PIIIIIING!!!!!!!!! Pinkie sailed on to the green then rolled off just a little. We were stunned.
Me: Uh-oh.
Chuck (more than a little surprised): I don't think they even noticed.

Me and golf. Who would have thought?


jade said...

oh cath you sure are funny. take me with you.

Mama's Place said...

Watch out Tiger!

auntgigi said...

I love this story. I knew you "in the day"... you WERE a slammer, and a tough little catcher (just as Regina Hendrix... you ruined her Bobby Sox career LOL)

Not only do I love your natural athletic prowess on the course, but I love that Chuck was thrilled to have you as his golfing buddy. You two are awarded the prestigious, Couple of the Week Award!!!

lovely lindsay said...

yes, couple of the week.
wife of the year! now all you need to do is make some macoroni mayo glop and you get your crown.
i love you and chuck. on a date. and your pink golf ball. and the old dude's you left in your dust.
you and dad and jade and brad should start a team.
love, lin

p.s. the word verification is:
jugsmon. (that's bob marley speak for...)

cathmom said...

Jade and I just might do some secret practicing. You really need to wear a hat out there. What should I do? No visors please.
Sinny, you make your dad the macaroni glop. He'll be there tonight. And if you can convince him to stay a couple of extra days that would be good.
Jugsmon?? Oh, Bob. Come back and write that song for us. I can see Ziggy and Michael smiling so big singing it!

Pres8Jes said...

yeah brad wants to be on your team.
i remember when you put us girls through gold lessons, steen and i didn tlike it much, so i give ya props, tiger woods.

maiasong said...

I love you and your view of life. You can't imagine how much I miss you!