Sunday, August 23, 2009

For Gina

Maximize the screen, turn up the volume. Practice the chorus; it's gonna be our theme song. You can be Emily, I'll be Amy Ray. I think I even have some pinstripe pants and will throw my very old Doc Marten boots in the trunk. Maybe Lin can make us a countdown 'til the adventure calendar.
53 more days


auntgigi said...

I noticed you posted at 9:46, and here it is 9:31. I screamed! I thought I could time travel!!!

I'm going to remain an Indigo Girls virgin, until I can see them with you and your indigo girls...the dream. You, me, Lindsay, and Amy. Think it. Wish it. See it. Live it.

cathmom said...

I specialize in making dreams reality. Hold on, sista. . .if anyone can time travel

Sarah said...

Hey there...I AM coming to Utah probably the 8-11th of October. I am surprising a dear friend at her Mother's Blessing on the 9th. I can let you know when that becomes final. Talk to you later.

mimi said...

next summer.
i'm there.