Saturday, August 8, 2009

She is born!

saturday morning
from the midwife's sunroof
"for each child that's born
a morning star rises
and sings to the universe
who we are"
sweet honey in the rock

It didn't feel like a day and a night. The time peacefully passed. At 5:00 this morning, three of the cutest little boys ever, got a sister. Mom and Dad discovered it together at the same time. "We have a girl!" Mom held her close. Dad was beaming. This was a homebirth that couldn't have happened without the intuition of the mom and the dad. At 20 weeks an ultrasound indicated placenta previa. There was only one option for the midwife. Risk them out unless further ultrasounds and maternal-fetal specialists agreed that we were safe. They knew it would be OK but went along with my requests. A month ago we got the "all's well" that we needed. I am so happy that this little princess was safely born in her parent's bed at the quiet of daybreak. Blessings of gratitude for the peaceful spirit that reassured me that we were in the right place.

Good Morning Baby Girl

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Marilyn said...

This is so beautiful, Cathy. I love the picture too. Didn't it all work out perfectly? We are so lucky.

Her brothers love her. Abe said, "I wish she was my OWN baby. Just mine." I said, "You'll have one of your own someday," and he said, "But I'm afraid mine won't be as cute as Daisy." There's a picture on our blog:

Thanks again for being with us and all you did. It was perfect.