Friday, September 10, 2010

givin' in to it

There was definitely something chilly going on last night.
New seasons always bring mixed feelings.
Today I embraced what is.
It's gonna be good.
I had forgotten how much I love my Smartwools and Danskos.
We're off. . .


Mama's Place said...

I'm coming to see Utah in a couple of weeks...and I'm going to see Wyoming also. I want some cool weather but please no SNOW!
Love you Cat girl.

Sarah said...

Looking foreward to wearing my danskos too but it is still Summer here. Okay, now you can link to my blog! Ciao!

diane said...

You and your wool socks. Too funny.
Do you think anyone would notice if I stowed away in my mom's suitcase? I promise to bring Reni Belle.

Candice said...

yeah fall is here! i can feel it too