Saturday, September 18, 2010

My grateful

"Don't wear fear or nobody will know you're here"
Cat Stevens

Empty your cup, open your heart, breathe peace and go where you're led.
You'll find yourself in the most amazing place.
Thank you Trish, for letting me in, for sharing your B boy. Ahhh, I cannot imagine my life without you . . .the passion of my life, birth work, was born from your heart 13 years ago.
Keep on. This world needs your light.


Toners said...

I loved hearing your story about your godson. So glad you got to see him, and he's thriving!

diane said...

So amazing. I want to know more about the beginning of your journey, more about Trish and your godson.
I love that both you and Trish have the same exact smile.

trish said...

cathy bun and i both couldnt imagin not knowing u or your family u have helped me to raise him in so many ways even though u are not here and he is older now bun still remembers u and the rest of ur family even bella :) we both love u all u will always be my sister