Sunday, September 12, 2010

Perfect day for Indigo Girls, a red car and a black dog

This day has outdone herself with beauty.
I have found myself in an interesting situation - my schedule is EMPTY. Unexpectedly, unpredictably empty. The downshift was a little uncomfortable, but I think we're gonna be OK, me and breathe deep time.
Today. It's me and Li'l Red, I.G. up loud, rooftop open, goin' up Little Cottonwood, takin' the curves kinda fast.
One problem. I want 'Jes, the phat black lab to be my car friend. She's a good dog and loves to ride. The problem is dog hair. I don't want my car full of it. Amy thinks I should put her in a space suit up to her neck with a little bit of paws showing. Maybe I should just vacuum her space frequently. Maybe I should forget taking her or get over the hair. Ideas?
Tonight. I like being open to whatever comes up. I just got word that Brandi Carlile and Katie Herzig added a second show at The State Room tonight. If anyone is up to a last minute adventure, call me.


Mama's Place said...

You can do what Heather does to her dog....shave it! She said she gets tired of dog hair so she has her dog shaved.

Too bad I'm not there I would go with you to the concert. I so loved spending a few moments with you here in AZ. I wish our families all lived close by each other. We need to find a mountain with lots of land and build a fortress.

lovely lindsay said...

me... i wanna go tonight.
and i want legs like pretzel, too.
dip majestic in a big tub of elmers glue. maybe that would work?

diane said...

I love that picture of Presley and Majestic.
Try the Furminator! (mine is still sitting here unused. this baby trumps the dogs.)

auntgigi said...

There is a cool sling-ish kind of thing you can put into your car that keeps it clean from dog hair. I don't have one, but Anne and Doug have it for their traveling poochies. Anne says it works beautifully. I'll find it.

I wish I was there to go with you! And, I wish you were here on Tuesday to see Willie Nelson with me.