Monday, September 27, 2010

worth waiting for

I woke up so early today, middle of the night early.
It's the perfect time to play with the food on one's inspiration plate.
Spirit speaks clearly in the stillness, the vessel is wide open to receive.
I played, I sorted, I nourished myself.
About the time I felt like drifting back to sleep, I realized sunrise was only another hour or so away. I wanted to watch the day come on, rising over the eastern mountains. Staying awake wasn't easy. I panicked when I realized my eyes had closed for a minute. Then I opened them to this.
A simple lesson in patience, holding on.
Be still.


Marilyn said...

So beautiful!

Toners said...

:) I saw that same sunrise this morning. It was beautiful, breathtaking and filled my cup. Glad it filled yours as well.

Sycamore Girl said...

...and THATS why you were tuckered out when I visited at lunchtime today!
You always seem to capture the most beautiful moments with your camera and more importantly with your heart. You know what's important and are willing to wait. What a great attribute that is!
Thanks for letting me say hello today. I drove home with a silly smile on my face.

diane said...


auntgigi said...

Looks like your dad was busy with his paintbrush. :-)

mimi said...

perfect. made me gush tears in my pink cube.
my dad... and our maker...throwing out beautiful pink-sets.

cat- is this the same sort of panic you get when you close your eyes right when neil young is appearing on david letterman and you DO miss it? yeah...think so