Friday, October 8, 2010

and the birth story begins. . .

up early
patchouli bath
favorite old linen shirt and pants
hugs to nat, jack and pres
an egg, some toast, a nibble of cookie,
the Avett bros

load the car and write the note
grab my bags and grab my coat
tell the ones that need to know
we are headed north

yep, me and li'l red are off
headed north
over the Blues, across the Columbia
i've been waiting, preparing
outwardly and inwardly
to share sacred birth space with my own girl
i love you lindsay ann
so much gratitude for this day, for this season
for the light that this baby boy is bringing


Kim said...

Travel Mercies for you Cathy, as you traverse the roads.

You are truly a blessing.

Sarah said...

Aww..very sweet. Have a safe drive and congrats on getting to be there again for the birth of a grandchild.