Friday, October 1, 2010

So Grateful

Another beautiful day in Utah! I keep hoping that if I give thanks and exclaim out loud every morning, that these pretty days will just keep coming. So in that spirit, here's my grateful list for today.

1. October. It's here. Sweet, peaceful, harvest moon, earth colored October. I love you, look forward to your coming, grieve when you leave. I know you will be sweet this year. I have a road trip over the Blues coming up, maybe will even slip away to Leavenworth, WA to drink up your best moments.

2. Amy. She is my sister. Amy and Devin. They got married! Amy, Devin and Cameron. They are a family!!! Jubilation!!!! Party tomorrow in Wyoming!!!!!

3. A little chaos. It's a good thing. I almost got all the way caught up last week and it was kinda scary. I like having some unsettled parts to work on.

4. Tea. It's the season again. I need a new teapot. I spent a couple of hours at The Beehive Tea Room yesterday with Briana. Our intent was to outline an upcoming class. We tried. Mostly we drank tea and enjoyed our sidetracking tendencies.

5. Oh, wonderful Playmobil. I love you so much. Why in 7 years have I not been to The Tutor Toy Shop in Foothill Village? They are the equivalent of a preferred provider for Playmobil. I'm grateful for the little people around here that share my happiness. As if I need an excuse to play! Yesterday I got the ice cream shop and this smart little pirate. He will find his treasure. Maybe it's at the ice cream shop!


Toners said...

I love the beehive tea room! Nothing melts my heart more than the tiny little cucumber sandwiches, a pot of earl gray and a good friend.

Sounds like you and Briana have it made!

diane said...

So so happy for Amy, Devin, and Cameron.
I love your list of gratefuls.
You + the Acuñas + Tutor Toy Shop = next summer