Thursday, October 28, 2010

crucial conversations

Some people are curious. What is it like to be your daughter's midwife? What is it like to have your mom as your midwife? Questions a bit beyond "Why a home birth?".
It's a part of our life. Not that mysterious or anything. Here's a peek.

Lin: What did you think when you walked in to the house?
Me: Well, it wasn't what I expected. I would have skipped my bath, got here faster.
Lin: You were expecting to sit up and watch TV with me?
Me: Yeah, make some tea, maybe set up the birth stuff.
Lin: We didn't even get the candles lit.
Me: I know. I did turn out the hall light so it wouldn't be shining in your eyes.
Lin: Yeah, I could see the Mother Love's Commune sign in your room though, and the peace flags.
Me: Oh, the lamp was on in there I guess. And the playlist, I managed to hit play.
We smiled about that. . .

me: You like waterbirths huh, Sinny.
Lin: Yeah.
me: You don't want a land birth.
Lin: Never!

Wild Charlie's cord has reached that unpleasant stage. I'll say no more.
After a little grammy sponge bath as I was getting ready to swaddle him up -

Lin: Mom, get that off of him!
Me: No, it'll fall off soon.
Lin: Mom! Can't you use your utensils. Take it off!
Me: (cracking up now, never heard instruments called utensils) No, it will bleed. It will be off soon.
Lin: I'm calling Grandma.

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auntgigi said...

I like this conversation between the mom-daughter/mom. I like that Lindsay was going to go over your head, and take the matter to your superior, Mother Mag.

Only the daughter of a mermaid spirit would be so opposed to land births. Must not feel natural.

diane said...

One day I want to experience a water birth! That is my new goal. I will keep having babies till I get one.
Did Margaret have any ideas for her?