Sunday, October 3, 2010


This is my dream board.
I want to sit here, knees pulled up tight,
with a juicy book and a pomegranate Izze.
'Jes can curl up underneath.
You can come over.
I'll happily pause, share some fresh plums.
We can talk of Steinbeck, Michelangelo, The Beatles, babies, the weather.
I can see the sun rise and set from here without even moving,
watch the full moon rise, make its way across the sky.


auntgigi said...

bare feet.
forget the time.
Ah..... to be there.

diane said...

I would love to talk about all of those with you again.
Soon enough.
I love your many blog posts. I think Irene likes Nobody Right Nobody Wrong. She stopped nursing and had big eyes trying to figure out the music.

jade said...

you know ill be there. cause im everywhere you turn!