Saturday, October 29, 2011

gonna soak up the sun

. . .and some peace and some clarity and some healing as this crazy 2011 starts to wind itself down.
we'll be landing in about an hour. the drive from cancun to soliman bay is south, a little over 60 miles.  i have no idea what to expect.  since i picked the spot, found the casita and said NO to the all-inclusive tourist thing, there's always a little nail biting.  in my quest for the perfect beach, a place where dolphins and mermaids alike can swim with joy and abandon, i take some risks.  someday i'll know where my favorite place is.
"someday we will soar, wingtip to wingtip"

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Hollywood said...

and this is how out of touch I have been with you. didn't even know you were off on another adventure- this time for relaxation.

bless you for doing it! I look forward to more posts!

When are you coming home? I so want to reconnect.