Tuesday, October 4, 2011

how to write a speech

Step #1 - Setting up

 Get out the tea blend I bought at the funny, way hidden natural food store 
that I found with Steen on a sunny afternoon.

Use the cast iron teapot I found in Santa Fe
for events such as this

It's now if ever.  The little bag of pure cocoa nibs I bought in Mt. Shasta 
one day in April with Bri needs to come out today.

Perfect steamy for me.

Begin now to untuck all of the magic moments.
Ready, set . . .


Jade said...

You crack me up mom. Now get to work miss. Can't wait for Thursday.

Marilyn said...

Will you post it when it's written? or can I come hear you give it? I would love that.

Tyler and Kathryn said...

Good luck on your speech! Your tea looks wonderful, I would love to come share a cup with you. I have an entire cupboard dedicated to tea, it makes everything better.