Monday, October 31, 2011

dia uno y dia dos

Sunday was quiet.
Integrating.  No one here speaks English. Nada.  I've been busy trying to learn French so I have to dig deeper than usual for my weak Spanish. That's a lot of digging for my brain.  About an hour after Obdulio, the caretaker of this place left, I thought of a whole Spanish conversation we could have had. I got my French and Spanish days of the week mixed up. Couldn't remember Thursday in either language and that's the day I want his wife, Flor, to cook.
It rains several times a day.  The temp averages 80 something.  That = humidity which = my hair is in natural ringlets. I love it! If it were shorter I could be Carole King for Halloween.
Today is quiet, too.  I've been reading Judy Collin's autobiography and sleeping. Although I just want the details about her and Stephen Stills, the rich history of folk music and the blend that became folk rock is interesting.
Went out in a little canoe to see if the swimming was better out past the turtle grass.  The boat was a little tippy, not too bad. Unfortunately I kept having flashbacks from "Old Man and the Sea". Even tho I had not one shiny bauble or bangle to attract predators, I kept thinking Jaws himself was gonna pop up. What has happened to my mermaid spirit?
Tomorrow is Dia de los Muertos. I think I've found a good place to celebrate. There are natural waterparks here.  Not what we think of, the man made water parks with slides and stuff but natural.  Think small rafts in meandering rivers and Tarzan ropes. Anyway, there's one in Xcalak that has a big buffet, does face painting and provides torches for night parading.  I have my hopes up and my Frida T-shirt ready.
Buenos tardes.  Ti amo. ##

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