Saturday, October 29, 2011

safe and sound

OK.  I did a good job.  I really did.  Unfortunately I forgot the Flip camera so probably won't have pictures for awhile. Soliman Bay faces the Caribbean.  The water is pretty much lukewarm.  This is an area of eco beaches. That means they are pristine but natural.  There is turtle grass growing in the water near the shore.  Kinda like tall sea weed.  It is left to encourage sea turtles to nest here.  I think that is cool but am a little squeamish about playing in it.  So I can either get brave and wade past it to where the water is clear or hop in a little canoe and float out past it.  Please, no one tell Presley that I may go out deeper than my knees.  She has some residual shark fear after watching Soul Surfer.  The only caution I have read is to take off flashy jewelry before getting in the water.  Barracudas think it is lunch.  Uh oh.  Should have left the diamonds home.
It's possible to see dolphins when snorkeling a ways out.  That would be a very good sign. .Also, on the wall I saw a ceramic mermaid and a ceramic merman.  I took that as a good sign too. I took their picture.
Now for some sleep.  I am trying to decide if it's safe to sleep on this private beach. Waking to sunrise would be amazing.
We have internet but no cell service. I'll blog each day.
Peace and so much love.   << >>


Jade said...

so good to hear from you. please dont go out past knee deep. the word baracuda and flashy jewelery lunch and sharks does not make me happy... haha. have fun. i bet you love it there already. i hope you get a nice long sleep and sleep in till one. love you guys!

Jade said...

oh p.s. if you upgrade your phone to the ios 5 version you can text people on your phone via the internet instead of using phone service... buuuut you have to back up your whole phone before you upgrade... just a though.... :/

Lovely Lindsay said...

don't you remember flotsom + jotsom? those nasty barracuda's on 'the little mermaid' ??? stay close to shore, fifi.
yeah, what jade said about ios 5. do it.
and you really should start Instagram while you're on that trip.