Sunday, October 28, 2012


After a very long but uneventful day of airports, we are safe and sound on Mexican ground. Its fortunate that I've had a long day before getting to a computer.  I needed it to process my annoyance with air travel. Liquids or gels, weight limits, lines, back pack killing my shoulders, No, there's nothing in my left pocket, OK, body pat down then,uh-oh, something suspicious in the back pack, pulled out of line because of Tom's toothpaste, trying to sleep on my tray table, oops, guy in front just laid his seatback in my lap, middle seat, stranger on left crunching ice AND spilling his body into my space, on and on. . . I was the biggest whining grouch of a human ever!
I much prefer Road Trips. Music up loud, stay awhile or keep on going, the only folks in your space are of your choosing, gallons of liquid and dozens of books. So that's how I cast my travel vote.
That said, today was not about the journey; it was all about destination.  We are south of Tulum in Sian Kaan, Casa Houston. I can hear the ocean, see the moon AND watch the Giants-Tigers game all at the same time.We arrived after dark so I haven't seen the beach yet. I can't wait for morning to see what's up for mermaid me.  AND there's a full moon tomorrow night!  Bliss ahead.
I haven't figured out iPhone ability yet. Not sure if I can Instagram or text. For now its email to communicate and I'll be blogging.
I'm gonna slip into my black and orange G shirt and call it a day. A long day.
Goodnight Love s.



Lovely Lindsay said...

today i sunday napped and thought of you and your travels. and watched your game.
happy vacation! love, lin

Rachel Swan said...

Mexico is my special spot and I'm glad you love it too. When you come home I'll make some dinner and you can tell me all about it - I'll even show off Thornwood house and all we've been up to here, okay?

Happy travels to you and Chuck!


auntgigi said...

As you bask in Mexican glory, I sit here, at a teacher's desk, watching Mexican children write multi-paragraph narratives.

I'd rather be you. My students would rather be you, too.