Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Day 2 Moving slowly

I think we've made the transition to slow time.  I don't even have a watch.  Mine broke at the airport.  So I'm in my own time zone. Sleep, wake, whenever.

I finished my first book, La Partera. It's the bio of a Mexican midwife, Jesusita Aragon.  It left me full of admiration for her but a lot discouraged about many things.  Does hard work matter? I'll be thinking about her life for awhile
The sun left a pink glow on me today.  There are boogie boards here and I just don't want to stop paddling around in this beautiful sea glass blue green water.

I slow cooked a yummy dinner, started catch-up on many emails and might even start thinking about my NARM  recertification which is up soon. I'm receiving updates from my birth peeps; they are taking care of business.  That allpws me to sink into a deep state of vacation peace.

Tomorrow is Halloween.  We signed up for a 3 hour tour (not kidding) of a lagoon. So Gilligan-ish.  Guess I'll dress up as MaryAnn.

Oh, and how about that moon last night! I'm going to put on my favorite black jammies, load up some dreamy Beatles music, sit outside and look at it again.



Watermelon_Gypsy said...

Yes, hard work matters. It shapes you. I want to be shaped.

Say Hi to Gilligan for me.

Toners said...

It was a beautiful moon. We went walking in it. <3 Hope you just soak up all the calm!