Monday, October 22, 2012


Georgia O'Keeffe, 1918Alfred Stieglitz
I have a fascination with Miss O'Keeffe.  Even the way her last name has 2 e's and 2 f's is cool. She chose her home, Abiquiu, New Mexico, near Taos.I like that, too. She married Alfred. He loved New York and other women. I think she was OK with that in the end. He found her stunning and this picture is one of his photographs. Her eyes. I see knowing there and a little pain and many secrets. She was childless though I think she miscarried once.  Heartbreak. She wanted a baby of her own. I don't love her art so much, though I like a few things, especially her early stuff. What I do love is her mind. Her independence. Her relationships. Her clothes. She marched to her own drummer even as a barefoot little girl.  She loved the night sky. She was angular and passionate at the same time. Her heart was gentle and true to self her only boundary. I envy that. Did she sleep at night or create under the moonlight? I wonder. I would love to drink tea with her and just watch her move. She might find me too swirled up in things that don't matter so much. I could learn simplicity from her. I think our eyes match. Same tribe perhaps?


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