Thursday, November 1, 2012

Day 3 Halloween

We are staying near a really cool place called CESIAK, Centro Ecologico Sian Ka'an. It is a biosphere reserve and the hub for some amazing work.  They also provide a variety of tours, offer bio tent cabins and a small restaurant that provides fresh local food. We signed up for a 3 hour boat tour.  I seriously hummed the Gilligan's Island theme song all day. I must say this.  Our skipper looked nothing like Gilligan's skipper.  Jorge. Long, wavy black hair that he pulled up into a messy bun. He's been studying flora and fauna out here for several years and hopes to write a one of a kind book soon.  I like a good, smart hippie.  The tour of the lagoon on the west side of us was cool.  Half way out we all jumped in a canal and went with the flow. I am always a little scared of the fauna. I know I'm due to see a snake soon and there were good size fish visible.  I do not like fish fluttering on my skin. I felt proud of myself for getting over it and floating down.  We met up with our boat and headed back.  Guess what?  Jorge gets all excited and makes the driver slow down.  There was a crocodile in the water.  We got right next to him. Scary eyes!  Happy Halloween!  I will probably not float down jungle rivers again.


Lovely Lindsay said...

Oh jeez, Cathy. Gavin is gonna love this story.

Jade said...

You are awesome. A croc? That creeps me out, I would never. Carson cried for grammy and grampa last night. He said you were never gonna come back. Love love