Monday, November 4, 2013

As still as can be

I am in a still place and want to stay for awhile. 
There is a long stretch of dirt road to this house. It wasn't bad last year but recent storms have made it treacherous. Wildly bumpy, sinkholes and deep pools of water for miles. Since we arrived there have been on and off storms, rain and wind. Two good reasons to just be, right here. 
I have no sense of time.  When it gets dark, I feel sleepy.  When the sun rises, light through the linen curtains wakes me. When I feel hungry, I cook. I predict that we will be out of food by Wednesday and will have to get dressed and venture into town. I may be ready to start filling this cleansed, emptied vessel by then. For now, I am embracing stillness, gratefully, patiently.


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