Thursday, November 7, 2013

battered mermaid

I was just coasting on my little board, moving towards the shore in waist deep water. A wave was building behind me so I tucked my head and held on tight for the ride. I'd been doing it all morning. Somehow this one lifted my board from the back and knocked me face first to the bottom. Hard.  I felt my neck bend sideways. It hurt. I got on my feet, went after my board and marched to my spot on the sand. It really, really hurt my feelings most. I cried like a big baby and called The Sea a very bad name! She is my one solace on this earth. When midwife needs to be mermaid I come to her.  Today she kicked my buns without apology.  Now what?


Jade said...

yikes. and you really look like a mermaid. I ate a whole thing of Costco cheese croissants. feeling very bad about it. you look great. it looks pretty there! tell dad hello! garage is fixed!

Steen said...

dear grammy i love you so much
i hope you have fun .
i hope your lip feels better
what did you do in the water?
did you build a sand castle?
love presley

Hollywood said...

"Now what?"
Its like getting bucked off of a horse. you just get back on.
swim on mermaid!