Monday, November 11, 2013

Punta Laguna

                                                              The day of adventure

We started with a Mayan shaman, Serapio. This is his villge.  He performed a cermony, praying for our safety. We drank holy fermented something from a communal bowl and then he smudged us with smoke from burning copal resin.It was emotional for me.  I felt the purity of his Mayan ancestry and gratitude that the rituals and traditions have survived.

That's me JungleCat! I was a little bit scared. This is real Mayan jungle, not the theme park like Xplor. I'm holding the brake in my right hand. Its a stick with a notch carved out to hang on the cable. 
Feet up, a big push from guide/friend Hugo and off I went.

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Steen said...

I really love this one. I hope you are finding millions of moments of peace and happiness. I miss you all the time. that's something to be said as the type of mother you are and continue to be. All of your grown children appreciate the light you shine on each of our individual worlds. You are great.