Sunday, November 3, 2013

Getting started

There is an advantage to returning to the same beach, same house. No time is wasted on getting oriented. We knew just where to stop for groceries and what to getI knew just what to pack. Every little linen thing I own from Homefrocks in Santa Fe is hanging orderly in my Tulum space. I feel orderly. Sometimes that is just what is needed.  
Simple. Minimal. Order.

 Choosing what books to bring was not so easy. I need to hold real books, turn real pages, dog ear real corners. No Kindle for me. That can add up to a very heavy suitcase.  I chose three plus a cookbook, (Recipes from Sanibel bought in a used book store in AZ!).  I bought a couple more in the SLC airport. Who can resist a Graham Nash tells all? Well, now that I am breathing peace and settled in, first up is this Steinbeck treasure. Thank you dear Gina for finding this for me.  I read this book 30 years ago.  When Jeff was in school and Lindsay was napping, I would lay out in the backyard Elko sun and read for pleasure.  My scenery is different now but I'm sure this will delight me all over again.

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