Saturday, November 21, 2009

making pure

sage bundled by midwife briana

patchouli candle from monterey

my hand

the boots that carry me

my spaces here

the places i'll go


lovely lindsay said...

ohhh! i can't wait to be in your cleansed cathy space again. nice boots, man.
love, lin

vicky said...

those are really cute boots! If I were rich I would say "can I go on an adventure with you?!"

auntgigi said...

Doesn't burning the white sage truly bring a cleansed energy to the home? I want to burn mine again, but I think I have to do it when Myles is gone. He's not a fan of such tomfoolery. Oh... I'm getting those boots. We can go on a walk-about when I'm there, and pretend it's our desert boots Christmas walk.

jade said...

mom you love the color red. and it always reminds me of you. cute pictures, i love those boots on you.

Steen said...

we share the love of boot.