Thursday, November 12, 2009


Sailin' on here. . .

I'm getting ready to post birth stories and rebirth my blog. Hopefully tonight if my blog advisor is available. I shut it down to catch my breath and refocus for a minute. My apologies to those of you that couldn't access birthrightly and were confused. I've had a few distressed phone calls. So sorry.
Anyway, for your pleasure while we wait. . .let me introduce you to the new man in my life, Xavier Rudd. Move over Michael. It feels like you are selling out and that scares me. That TapTapTap game and going on tour as John Mayer's opener, not feeling so good right now.

Still, I wish there were something you would do or say,
To try and make me change my mind and stay

(Still got Mary Travers on my mind)

Make some tea, light a yummy candle and maximize the screen. Cozy on up and indulge yourself with the whole 6 minutes and 14 seconds of this asset to the planet.
Everything's gonna be alright. . .
Everything's gonna be alright.
No woman no cry.
All my love,


lovely lindsay said...

yes, thank you for xavier rudd. you have good music brains.
and thanks for letting me back into birth rightly. i love to read this piece of you. love, lindsay

jade said...

distressed phone calls?

mimi said...

hold on. you're breaking up with michael. that's unsettling.
like when i got my feelings hurt by a. ray and broke up for a while. awkward. although, maybe michael could lose the hanging converse shoe prop.
xavier rudd....i liked it.
do you love that "don't think twice" has channeled its way through lots of our friends?
cmdh.i watched some nba last night . peace out

cathmom said...

Yes, mimi, I love most all of the Don't Think Twice I've heard. Most fave: Brandi, Emily and Amy
Least fave: Waylon Jennings

auntgigi said...

I always wanted a surfer boyfriend with blonde hair and dark eyebrows and beard. I think a boyfriend who's name begins with X is very cool!

cathmom said...

G, Mike Connor was from the coast, had blond hair, dark brows and dark whiskers . . .

auntgigi said...

Hmmmm, yes, Mike Connor DID have that look. Could he shave?? My eyes were all entangled with John Wood's long hair, half-cast eyes, and fringed suede jacket!!! I liked Chuck Olcese' sideburns and how he walked with his hands in his pockets.
Excuse me while I ride my mental magic carpet back to 1972.