Sunday, November 15, 2009

Warming up . . .

I have something big goin' on in this head right now. Gestating.
2009 has filled me with experiences, joy, sorrow, wisdom and most of all, vision.

To borrow from the Indigo Girls:
"Now I wait like a widow for someone to come back from sea,
I've always known, I was waiting for me"

From Jamie Glenn:
"Walk tall, you're a daughter, a child of God,
Be strong and remember who you are"

And from scripture, Doctrine and Covenants 90:24

"Search diligently, pray always and be believing, and all things shall work together for your good"

Streams of light are filling my vessel. I feel physically strong and healthy, mentally aware and ready, and spiritually attuned. There is good energy surrounding me, beautiful people and opportunities everywhere I turn.

I love when everything opens up and clarity washes over me. I have a lot to do. Lead my family, guide my birth clients, mentor MCU students, strengthen the Association of Utah Midwives, and a big planet to travel upon.

This month of gratitude is overflowing with blessings. Today's top 5 ~

1. Knowledge of a God in heaven that is aware of me, hears my prayers and holds me gently when I am feeling fragile.

2. Midwives and mamas. Both are wise and powerful. I get to midwife both; as president of Utah's state association and as a birth guide.

3. Jade. Today I am most grateful for Jade. She is brave. She is pretty. She is intuitive. She is mine.

4. My daddy. He speaks to me through sunsets. This first man I ever loved, ahh, I miss him terribly. He taught me to slow down, savor, love deeply, be good to myself, believe in dreams and to never, ever buy cheap shoes!

5. Gina's man, Myles. How can you not love a man that calls you on the phone and says "Is that you KitCat?", folds your laundry and and laughs hard at the ridiculous things that come out of your mouth?

Good things are happening. I'm looking forward. Mmmmmmmm. . .

KitCat, Friday the 13th, 2009, on my way to rock the midwives


Pres8Jes said...

i like your hair and your earrings. and i love your mama lipstick. im thankful for jade too. alot. thanks for bein my groovy ma. i'll meet you at whole foods.

mimi said...

you're pretty catbangs.
i love when the light shines through and you catch it. nothing better....
ahhh...very important....never, matter what...never buy cheap shoes!

weird that i was listening to fleet of hope when i read this??

Alisha Stamper | Photographer said...

oh i like this post oh so much. Perfect for a sunday morning!

auntgigi said...

you are so beautiful.

jade said...

I'm grateful for you mom, and that I can come over whenever I want. And you let me and my TWo crazy boys tag along with me. I like that I feel safe there. ANd you look pretty! Sheeesh! i like your earrings and your shirt and your MAKEUP. and good things are in store... i can feel it! off to eat my tacos, thanks for the mix.

lovely lindsay said...

when winter comes: it means a new fresh year is about to start. i need to look at my resolution card. see if i can cross anything off my list.
you are such a pretty little thing! i can't wait to squeeze you tight and let my boys climb all over you. love, lin

cathmom said...

Oh, the resolution card, yes. I have to plant the seeds Bri gave me,try a curry recipe and finish Man's Search For Meaning. Was see Michael Franti 3 times on my list? I think not.

Mama's Place said...

You are your fathers daughter, and he loved you. This was a beautiful post and you are beautiful.

Steen said...

how can 2010 even top 2009?New york again? Dad and i were talking about you at lunch the other day. (we go to lunch a lot) and i said "mom has gone nuts" and dad said "actually, i think its really cute."

jade said...

mean, you dont comment my blog but i comment yours.

cathmom said...

About Steen's comment, Chuck made this statement.
"Yes,that was how it went. I don't think you are nuts like psychotic, I've just noticed that you are extra happy lately, more than your usual free-spirit self. You jumped in the Pacific ocean waves with all of your clothes on. Some might say that is nuts. I think it is cute."
I'll take that.
Steen stands by her statement.
"My mom is nuts".
I can take that too.

Ali said...

You look beautiful!

vicky said...

You know what I love, that you are so at peace with yourself. That you embrace life and love to live in the moment of it all. Glad to see you blogging again :)