Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thursday, Love Day

I go to work on Thursdays. It's my favorite day of the week. Well, tied for first with Tuesday anyway. My midwife appointments are scheduled on this day. From the minute I wake, I am aware, anticipating, on and open to whatever lies ahead. I know that when I return to my bed on Thursday night my cup will have been filled, consumed and filled again many times as my day unfolds, unwinds. There is an added element of rockin'-groovin', lovin'-my-life going on this day. In about an hour Alisha Stamper will be here to shoot A Day in the Life of a Midwife. She will shadow me, no, she will BE with me as we sup together on the rich feast of prenatals, postpartums, bellies and babies.

In addition to the other prep thoughts that start my Thursdays, I had this one: What should I wear?? A truly prepared type would have had that all worked out. Not me. I did a mental run through of my clothes, the clean ones. Jeans, not today. Cords, not quite right. Brown linen with thin blue pin stripes, might not be classic enough for viewing in 20 years. Dress black, no way. Blush pink sweeties, find of the week from J.Crew, too wide leg for my favorite boots. OK, I'm going with the "my boyfriend's chinos" even though they are slightly chewed up, distressed. I like the color name; sycamore, and how they make me feel all happy, dance-y. Now for the shirt. My favorite white linen has a broken button, not missing, broken, same problem as missing. Next favorite, Sundance green plaid might be too busy even with a large format film camera, black and white. I chose a plain black tee. Not a J.Jill cotton/poly blend but an old all organic cotton from a treasured shopping day at Passports in downtown SeaTown. Perfect. Now for the socks, striped smartwools. No question. Ahh, my boots. From Santa Fe, Groundhog is the brand. I fill a bit sinful loving my boots so much. Michael Franti and Xavier are barefooters you know, no shoes. Nobody right, nobody wrong, I LOVE my shoes, these boots especially. Back to the subject, what about earrings? Um, that's a hard one. I'll decide when I brush my teeth.

Music for my day, a playlist called "self" that I made yesterday. I was all about myself yesterday. Not in a bad way, just grounding, giving thanks, purifying (more about that later) and making a plan on how this "self" could best fulfill the measure of her creation. Thanks Lindsay girl for the focus on Women Who Create. The playlist has Indigo girls, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Modest Mouse, Michael (I'm softening) and Xavier, lots of him. Find this one, Guku, and play it loud. Add some Yogi tea in a peace mug and the chi for this day is flowing. Fill me my mamas, I love you so much.


Steen said...

chris gave me some pants of his with a broken button and told me to ask if you can fix them. you used to have a box full of buttons. what happened to it? i liked that box.
my word verification is "sessie". i'm being you and saying thats a sign that this will be a good weekend.

cathmom said...

I will fix the button. Sessie? Yessie. Great weekend ahead!
My word is "bumici". What in the world could that mean??

Anonymous said...

It was so much fun seeing you Cathy. You fill our home with Midwife Love, and that is always a good way to start a day. I already miss our appointments. Séamus (your helper) was asking after you this morning, as he was eating his oatmeal. "Cathy be back soon?" he said. It made me smile.

Being able to meet Alisha was a lot of fun too. She is adorable!

fwiw my word was wishlybe. Kinda cute.

Summer said...

I think you are an amazing woman. Thanks for sharing yourself with us. I miss you too. Susie is a smiling, happy baby girl --Naomi loves being a big sister and the boys take care of them both.
There are pictures on my blog