Saturday, November 28, 2009

"I'll love you more than anybody can"

The birth gods smiled upon me this week. Briana and I have 6 babies due before Christmas. My "big kids", Jeff and Lindsay couldn't come home for Thanksgiving so I decided to go to Washington. That's a huge break in tradition and it meant leaving the "babies", Nat, Steen and Jade behind. After some "checking in" with my moms and Bri, I decided it would be OK to leave town for 48 hours. It was worth every second! And, all's well with the mamas-in-waiting here!

With so little time to spend with these 6 grandbabies, every minute was precious. No lunch dates or shopping trips this trip. Just a lot of holding, snuggling and catching up.

I love you, Asher. 4 year olds rock! Thanks for playing the animal game with me.

I love you, Elias River. You are a beautiful baby. Thanks for letting me feed you cookies!

I love you, Lucas Jude! You jumped into my arms! Thanks for letting me sleep in your bed.

I love you, Gabriel. 10 years old! Thanks for letting me hold your cool lizard!

I love you, Gavin West. Has it almost been a year since the whirlwind flight to your house whe you were born? Thank you for remembering me.

I love you, Faith Astoria. Almost 8. Wow! Thanks for sponsoring the turkey coloring contest AND awarding my turkey 1st place!

You are beautiful babies! It fills my heart to watch you grow and shine. Yes, I'll love you more than anybody can.
Well, the phone just rang. It was Briana. We are on our way to help someone else's grandbaby be born. What a joyful life!


lovely lindsay said...

were you even really here?
thank you for coming. really. meant more than you'll ever know.
love, lindsay

vicky said...

Your grandkids are getting so big! And you have so many! How fun is that!!!