Sunday, February 21, 2010

405 Lombardy Lane

Funny how an object can make you really homesick. Or something.
This bowl of lemons was on Briana's kitchen table last Friday.
They were from her mom in southern California.
I had to have one.
They reminded me of the lemon tree right outside the front door of my house in Lemoore.
A ripe, fresh picked lemon is nothing like what you buy in the store.
I cut it up and ate it with a little salt from the grinder on the left.
Just like I used to eat them on my patio.
I saved the seeds for Bri's bird, Jupiter. He hopped over and made a birdie mess of them.
We are slowly, warily, becoming friends. By the end of the visit, I wasn't screaming when he landed on my head. He reminds me of Pidgey, the bird terror of Lombardy Lane.



I think I'll go put on my desert boots and 501's, get some sunflower seeds and take a Sunday walk down blissful memory lane. Thanks for the lemon, Beth in CA.
Thanks for playing with me Jupe.


auntgigi said...

Lombardy Lane. We each had a lemon tree in our yard. It was very "California" of us, and we didn't even know it.

I can't mention birds on heads.

diane said...

One thing I love about living in the southwest is all this beautiful citrus, gracing suburban yards and rural orchards (there are still a few left - although getting more rare). Yum.

Briana said...

thanks for coming over

Mama's Place said...

Ummm lemons right off the tree are the best.

Gtamdma used to love the grapefruit when she would come to visit us here in AZ.

diane said...

A favorite memory -
Grandma Trujillo and I pulling grapefruit off the trees in the front yard at midnight, because we heard there might be a freeze and she couldn't stand to lose any.
I love her.

lovely lindsay said...

oh diane - i love you.

Evan and Holly said...

When Bri first got Jupiter and was moving to the beautiful view up on the hill, Evan and I helped her with a few loads. While we were doing that, Kyle chased Jupiter all around the bed frame (the mattress was already gone)--Kyle couldn't get in and Jupiter knew that so he stayed inside safe from a 1 year old's grasp. Now, when we go up to the beautiful house on the hill, Kyle is afraid of Jupiter.
He flies in too much of an unpredictable pattern for him. But he gets curious when he hears him and will point out which room Jupiter is in when we ask where he is. I wish that Jupiter would sit with us longer and not fly away. You and Kyle definitely have something in common.