Monday, February 8, 2010

Sunday House

I love my house, especially on Sunday afternoon. A tradition is being laid down.
The word is out. It's open house time, every Sunday.
This house loves being full.
The kitchen is the hub.
Last week it was white bean soup, spinach cashew salad and some killer banana dessert.
Yesterday it was SuperBowl whatever.
This is an official invitation to you.
Please come over on Sunday afternoon.
Stay late.

There can never be too many cooks in this kitchen.
I noticed these towels all found their way to the stove closet.
Fine art.
Yesterday's cooks: Me, Bri, Candice, Steen, Jade and Wingers

After game activity; throw some butter, sugar and eggs in the Kitchen-Aid, chill the dough, put Bri in charge of the frosting recipe and let the Blackwelder girls create with whatever was in the cupboard. I love the orange sprinkles! Yes, the piece de resistance!

The Girls of the SuperBowl
No one knew what teams were playing. Candice called her dad for enlightenment.
He informed and recommended The Saints. Good advice.
The fan base was evenly split.
The newly reorganized downstairs was a happy place.
The Who up loud for half-time, Kody's puzzle table and Carson doing tricks sans pants.

Next weekend ~
Natalie's birthday, Valentine's Day, Chinese New Year
You pick the flavor.
Just show up.


diane said...

I need my own jet - so I can come visit you every Sunday afternoon.
I'll be calling you later today. =)

auntgigi said...

I want to be there every Sunday!!!! I'm feeling weepy.

(my word is "perfa"... I think that is just perfa)

Alisha Stamper | Photographer said...

hi! if you're for real, I'm IN! i :heart: the kitchen, as you know, and chinese new year sounds right up my alley!

cathmom said...

There's a 3 day weekend next Diane. You could make it. There's a room, a whole suite for you G. And yes, Alisha, I'm for real. I couldn't find the peanut soup link BTW. Help.

Mel said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your Sunday tradition. My family kitchen is the fav spot too. Food makes the heart grow fonder!

jade said...

holller. i want that bean soup again. i request that bean soup! and thanks for the yummmmiest chili last night. i had seconds. and i love sunday i always show up. cause its the best food on sunday.

mimi said...

good food, good times, good vibes sure do come from that house of yours.
i think i'll be showing up soon.
things i like from your kitchen:
-sugar cookies
-tension tamer tea
-wheat toast with real, true honey
-tacos, rice & beans with cheese
-salsa. salsa. salsa
-izze's and hansen's
-grilled cheese & tomato soup
-my boyfriend likes your bacon

did i just say "my boyfriend likes your bacon?"

diane said...

Ok, make that I will be calling you tomorrow. I got busy with kids and dinner and housework and grocery shopping and family night and.....
So tomorrow. When I am on my way to or from school.
I am looking forward to your words of wisdom.
My word verification is gogar. Now I want some Yoplait.

auntgigi said...

"My boyfriend likes you bacon."

You said that. Crazy.

lovely lindsay said...

dear diane -
take the long way and pick me up in your jet on the way.
love, lindsay