Sunday, February 21, 2010


Happy Birthday, mon belle bebe.
I loved your birth.
I love you.
This is a big year for you, your 25th on this planet.
I know you will do something amazing because that's the kind of girl that you are.
You have taught me to believe.
"Peace, be still"
It is in stillness that we receive the messages meant just for us.
Listen for yours, walk tall


mimi said...

i love natalie. and she IS amazing

mimi said...

am i really 10 years older than natty?
i don't think so

diane said...

Natalie is 25? How is this possible? Happy belated, Natalie.

cathmom said...

Not quite, she is beginning get 25th year.

Steen said...

happy birthday breezy

Briana said...

oh happy day

cassandra noƫlla said...

i love nat. thank you for giving birth to her. and sharing her. she is the best