Sunday, February 21, 2010

Roxy Wonder Girl and Wednesday House

I am almost on top of the paper work game!
Thank you Roxy Wonder Girl.
This lovely blessing is a graduate of Parsons School of Design in NYC.
She comes over on Wednesdays and we teach each other stuff.

I taught her about Shazam!
Can you believe that? I taught someone a tech trick!!
She heard this song in a SLC cab (no car, she's green).
Native New Yorker by Odyssey
It made her laugh. I looove her happy.
I looove people that laugh and can make me laugh.

Jade's family is transitioning from their old apartment to a new space. On this Wednesday, she was baby-sitting at my house. Candice came over to help out. Love those boy cousins! They really are very sweet, loving boys, Carson Rej and JackiePaper.

Also on this Wednesday, a tired post partum mama came over with her newborn babe for some R&R. I loved having a yellow room to nurture her in. I don't take lightly this trust that birth heroes place in me. I am always the one most richly fed.

While I was upstairs, Pretzel woke up, whimpering and SICK!
I came downstairs to find this gentleness in my office.
Not finding Grammy, Pres had snuggled up in Roxy's capable warm hold.

Before we knew how full the house would be, Bri and I had planned on working on an outline for the upcoming Labor and Birth Lab at MCU. Always creative and flexible, Briana found a micro space on the kitchen counter to get it done. Midwife hands. Check hers out.

Sooo, if you aren't able to come over to Sunday House, Wednesday House is proving to be equally wonderful. I continue to experience the miracle of having my cup filled and the blessing of having beautiful souls to share the contents with.

Come sup with me.
It is amazing.
Every time.
Mmmmmmm. . .



diane said...

Oh I wish we lived close to each other!
And that picture of Jade - she looks so much like Lindsay in that picture. Your girls are all beautiful.

Word verification = cooknuba.
Yes, please. I'll have some of that.

Steen said...

roxy looks like she could belong in the larson girl group.

Briana said...

oh I loved that day!

lovely lindsay said...

Roxy is a wonder! I'm just a bit sad that I don't get to spend Wednesday afternoons with the two of you.
If I wasn't already dying of completely homesickness I would be for sure after reading this. Just. Too. Far. Away.
The sunshine over here + good songs on the radio keep tricking me into thinking that we'll be hitting the road for 9th + 9th real soon.
Love, Lindsay

cathmom said...

Move to Zion, Diane! Yes, Roxy and the Blackwelders fit right in to Larson Girl Group. Remember our breakfast club? It's not a trick Lin. Come over and we'll do our club. I have 2 new spots - Bambara and Left Fork Grill.

sharinelson said...

Wednesday house was absolutely awesome. Cathy you are incredibly amazing, giving in all you do. You bless all who know you. I have been so blessed to know you and to have you as our midwife. My new baby boy was brought into this world with all gentleness, care, your patient intuitiveness and above all else Love. I know you do what you do because you have a great love for babies, mamas and families. You see what nature and God had intended for birth and put your trust in that rather than statistics, test, science and worry.
Your home was deffinately a place of R&R... Refuge. My home had been Chaos. I was able to relax and find soltice and great advice. I had been having trouble nursing my son and I actually had great success that day because of you and Briannas care and advice.
After having you as a midwife and a homebirth I'd never go back. After all you can't call on your OB or hospital midwife in the middle of the day or night to ask a question. And you deffinatly wouldnt find yourself wrap in care and love on a Wednseday afternoon till 9pm at your O.B.'s house. Thanks is not enough. I look forward to the years of friendship and walking our way to fitness on Tuesdays and Thursdays. And, yes despite the words during labor that, "Id never do this again" or "what was I thinking". I do it all over again.... In 2 to 3yrs. It was amazing! Thanks Shari Nelson

cassandra noƫlla said...

carson is just as big as presley and presley is a couple years older! hahaha pres is so miniature i love it so much i miss her